Thursday, August 9, 2007

Starting point

For all those at the meet up last night and to all those who just couldn't get there I'd like to suggest a good starting point would be to compile some sort of list. I'm the first to admit that siting down to write out a complete thought takes some of us a while so if you think of something feel free to leave a few words in a comment here and I'll make sure it gets added to a "master list". For those who don't live here anymore but remember how great it is to dive here and are now dealing with heat waves (missing the cool comfortable water?) you can leave your ideas here too. What would be the tipping point for you ex pats to come back for a visit?
For those who have never been here let us know what's most important to you when choosing a dive destination and if you've found the information you would need about Saipan Rota or Tinian were you found it.

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