Saturday, August 4, 2007

Dive Site Poll surprise trailer

It seems the Grotto is pulling ahead slightly in the Dive site poll. I don't necessarily find that surprising, after all it is a very unique dive, it's technically a shore dive with "easy" access (ie no boat required) AND it gets the quantity of divers needed to win the numbers game. Not to mention the different cave openings and cracks provide ample opportunity to make each dive different. Dive the afternoon versus the mornings and the light rays can provide a completely different look and feel to the place. So, although it's not my personal favorite, I don't find it surprising that the Grotto is leading the race. What I do find surprising is the poor showing by Naftan point. I'm not alone in the assessment of this dive spot as one of the better wall dives around. This is what Nomad said in his comments when the poll first opened.

The nomad said...

You have to go with Naftan wall: in the right conditions, this is a truly awesome dive. With a slight current running north, and clear conditions (vis over 80feet), you drop in over a nice coral shelf at 40 feet and then hit a sheer wall that bottoms out from 120-200feet. The sun is sparkling down, fish are all around you (because this site is hard to access), and you are surrounded by quiet, deep, blue...

The only thing I disagree with in his assessment is the 80-foot visibility. It's usually better than this. Now I know everyone assess visibility differently and consistency between divers is almost non existent but relatively speaking you can't beat the visibility at Naftan on most, if not all, days. It's not always Cozumel-like but it's usually pretty darn good!

Then of course there is the life at the edge of the wall. As gentle currents bring nutrients to those that call this place home it's often easy to get caught focusing on activity along the edge and miss what's coming at you from out in the deep blue!

On this dive I was zoomed in on a passing Napolean wrasse when out of no where this fella showed up!

If you know someone who hasn't voted yet pass on the word, time is running out!
If you think you need to check out Naftan and perhaps change your vote give Scott a call it's well worth the trip!


Bruce A. Bateman said...

That whole cliff line from the point all the way back to Obyon Beach is an awesome spectacle. I think most people are going there and shore diving near Obyon because the boat dive is pretty expensive.

We can team up and use my boat to get there if you want to, Mike. 3 or 4 guys splitting the cost makes it inexpensive. Boy scout, and naftan make a good double dive.

Brad said...

Nice Shark vid Mike! This is one of the many dives I didn't have time to do when I was in Saipan. I only got two in..Lau Lau and the Grotto.

That's why I didn't originally vote in the poll...I didn't feel qualified. But, I changed my mind recently and figured since I count the Grotto as on of the best dives I've ever had, it should get my vote in your poll.

Bev said...

I went to naftan point a couple of weeks ago on the Aqua Jet. It was one of my most favorite hot spots. Plenty of fish action and some nudibranchs=) Still have to post my pics.