Thursday, August 2, 2007

I can fly

It was not the calmest of conditions at Lau Lau Bay today. I debated about going to Obyan to see if the water was a little more inviting but finally decided it would just make for a bigger test of the wings and setup! Everything went smoothly on entry and after a few adjustments, adding and moving foam around, it just seemed to glide through the water. I can best describe it as flying. If JoJo had put a propeller on the front of the housing I could have just hung on and flew over the bottom. So consider test flight number one a success! A short little clip from the dive. Listen close and you can hear the munching!


Harry Blalock said...

I'm so glad your wings worked out for you and you're happy with them. You can put that Red Bull back on the shelf. Seafix gives Mike wings!

Bruce A. Bateman said...

I think the propellor is a good idea...but the gear would be heavy and cumbersome out of the water and hard to carry. Now you have the stability without the hassle. That Jojo is a good engineerinig tinkerer.