Saturday, August 25, 2007

Guam’s Blue Hole

Ok so I’ve been in Guam the past few days with no easy internet access. The hotel we are staying at claims they are in negotiations with a service provider but by all accounts this negotiation has been going on for a while with no end in sight. Wish we had of known before booking the hotel!

So today I got to ditch my lovely wife and child for a morning of diving! Peace and quiet! A good friend and dive master June has moved from Saipan to Guam and offered to take me out with his new company Sapphire dive! It looked like good weather in the morning when we left the dock and luckily the sun stayed out just long enough for our decent into the abyss. Then it didn’t stop raining hard most of the day!

The site called blue hole is a deep dive with the top of the reef at about 55 feet. There’s not a whole lot around except the hole. It’s a good size and easy to drop into. Its exit however is at about 130 feet so upon exit you will likely be feeling pretty good! I managed to get some pretty good shots with the sun ball shining down the hole including silhouettes of divers as they descended but the best shots of the day came after we left the hole and started our way back up the wall.

Here we found a very curious Giant Moray Eel. One that has obviously been feed a few times as he didn’t think twice about coming out to look at his reflection in the camera and on a few approaches attempted to nibble on my finger. Fingers look a lot like Vienna sausages! Just another reason why we really should not feed these guys but that’s a whole other Diver Ethics post.

All in all it was a good day of diving and very relaxing compared to keeping a 19 month old entertained!

Unfortunately I don’t see a lot of posts coming over the next few days since internet access is an issue. Right now I’m posting this from my car while checking my email outside the Days Inn hotel. There’s another story but last night while trying to find somewhere to log on I discovered they had free internet that just happens to reach into the parking lot!


Brad said...

Mike, are you going to post some video of the Blue Hole? I've read about it but never seen any video of it? Or are you preparing for Vol.2 of your DVD?

Either way, I want to see this place!
How much does a flight from Saipan to Guam cost (round trip)?

Brad said...

Mike, what happened to my earlier comment/questions?

scubatripp said...

Sorry Brad, I've just been too busy since I got back to even look at the blog - no excuse I realize but a lot has happened here in a week.


scubatripp said...

Brad I didn't even answer your question. Guam to Saipan return about 150 bucks or 500 miles on Continental one pass.
I've not decided about posting Blue hole video but I will say it's a dive that you could do once and be happy with that!