Thursday, August 2, 2007

Diver Meet Up

Harry's written about it on his blog. We all (Harry, Jeff, Marty and I) talked about it on the radio this morning. Next Wednesday August 8th we'll be sitting and toasting all things aquatic while watching the sunset at Oleai beach bar. The topic of conversation - Diving. Those invited - Anyone with an interest in diving. Nothing formal, no admission fee or dues just the opportunity to talk diving with other divers. A chance to put heads together and formulate ideas on how a grass roots group could help promote one of the islands biggest resources and attractions. How to improve what we have and like I say to hear an old spin on a new dive tale or two!

Know of anyone that might be interested pass on the word and we'll see you there!

Another view from Oleai.

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scubatripp said...

Marty what's your web site I'll put a link up for you.