Wednesday, August 1, 2007

I have wings!

It feels like Christmas Eve! I’m too excited to sleep. Even “knowing what’s under the tree” so to speak, I still have that “can’t wait till tomorrow” feeling!

And here’s why……
No it's not because I have pink shag carpet! It's the WINGS!

Today my friends at Seafix, Mark, Dale and JoJo (JoJo’s the brains behind all of this by the way and the one in the picture with me) unveiled my newest piece of dive equipment.

I use a Light and Motion Bluefin housing for my video camera. One of the things about this set up is that with the camera, lights and battery pods it’s quite heavy. So much so, that even in the water it's very negative meaning it really wants to sink fast. Those of you who’ve dove with me have witnessed the multicolored foam pieces I attach to the housing in order to make it as close to neutrally buoyant as possible. Ahhh that weightless thing again, it won’t go up and it won’t go down. In this state it’s much easier to keep the camera steady underwater. Too heavy or too light and you’re constantly trying to “hold” the camera still instead of letting the water do it for you.

One of the questions I'm often asked when discussing my DVD is “how do you manage to keep the camera so steady underwater”. As much as I’d like to say it’s all in the skill of the operator - fact of the mater is the single most important thing, besides your own buoyancy, is how your equipment (in this case the housing) performs underwater. What I’ve found particularly frustrating with this one is that even when completely weightless (adding the foam) there is still some “roll” to it. This can be especially evident when kicking and shooting at the same time. Rather than concentrating on the action of the shot presented by Mother Nature you’re concentrating on “keeping it steady”.

After explaining the problem to the fine folks at Seafix many light bulbs went on and off as we brainstormed possible solutions. Should it attach to the bottom or the top?, what about room for my hands?, getting into tight spaces?, ease of mounting and un-mounting? etc etc ……..

Finally JoJo decided what would work and that he would build it! Today the result is my new set of wings! Must be all that clean living!

Stay tuned I’ll let you know how I make out on tomorrows dive.

Woops, I almost forgot to mention the other reason why I’m excited about tomorrow. Besides actually diving I get to start the day off talking diving only this time it will be on Harry's radio show with the other bald blogger diver. Picture me sitting between them, rubbing their heads and emitting a faint uuuummmmmmmmmm sound! Gotta get to bed so I can be up in time for my cakes, CRAB Cakes that is.


Brad said...

Hey, Mike! How did the radio show with Jeff and Harry go? How have the wings worked out? I hadn't thought of what all goes into making the videos you make it look easy with your finished product.

I wrote something on your posting about the crown of thorns slaughter you found, asking for some enlightenment really, but you never answered. Did you see the comment?

Brad said...

Hey Mike, I just realized why Seafix seemed familiar to me. I met Dale Carhill on ScubaBoard. He told me he had a business on the island called Seafix. So, you must know him, right? Wow...seems like a small world. Or...maybe it's just a small island. Coming from a small town, I love the way everyone seems to know everyone on Saipan. That "bald guy" you were on the radio with is someone I know from teaching in Korea. is a small world.

scubatripp said...

Hi Brad,
Sorry I did miss your comment but have gone back and hopefully answered your question. The radio show went well and hopefully we'll pull a big group of divers together next week and help put this place on the map diving wise.