Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Diver Meet Up

Oleai Beach Bar here we come!

Ok so it's been in the paper, We've been on the radio and Harry's been talking it up every chance he can get. Tonight at 6:30 PM something amazing is going to happen. A bunch of divers are going to get together and have a cocktail or two (or not) and watch the sun go down after a long day!

For clarification this started out as an idea we had to just start getting all the little groups of divers together in order to get to know each other, swap dive stories and perhaps start in motion some ideas that could help promote diving here in the CNMI. We're also hoping anyone interested in diving will come by and get a taste at least verbally what it's like to be a diver. We're also hoping that folks will come by even if they don't speak inglish as good as Harry. One thing I've learned over the years working as a dive instructor it really does not matter what language everyone speaks. When divers have a FAMB or rum and coke in their hands the message gets through some how. Sure you may not get 50% of what I say and vice versa but that's better than nothing at all. SCUBA SCUBA SCUBA - (then blow bubbles) - it's a throw back cheer from my days at Club Med and believe me there is a story or two in there too!

See you soon.

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