Thursday, August 28, 2008

Post-Op Day 1

I'm pinch blogging once again but this one will be brief as I am tired and it's late. Mike didn't really sleep at all last night but nurse Jane took good care of him and she knew where Saipan was op! (Ok, really we're taking pictures of EVERYBODY but you're guaranteed a spot on the blog if you know where Saipan is so here's Jane!)
Mike graduated to Jell-O and broth at breakfast - sound bad?? Well, it's way better than ice chips, that's for sure! It was a busy morning - Mike discussing the merits of Macs with ICU staff (seriously, Apple should be paying this guy) and best of all, finding out two of the other RNs (Madolyn and Cheryl - sorry if the spelling is wrong) are Canadian! It's always nice to talk to a fellow Canuck or two.
The highlights of the day:
Eating solid food for the first time since Monday night - mmmmm, mashed potatoes!
Walking on the ward with nurse Erica
Getting the chest tubes, heart wire ("that was weird") and central line removed (you don't really want to see a pic of this but getting these things out is indeed freeing and just increases Mike's comfort level)

Having a good shave - 'cause boy did he need it!

That's it, that's all for today! Will try for more details tomorrow or perhaps the blogger himself will make an appearance!


The Saipan Blogger アンジェロ・ビラゴメズ said...

first comment!

Mike Ronesia said...

Hi Mike, You look good for a white guy. Tammy wants some of those stockings so can you get her a pair?

Hope the flowers MD sent made it.

Keeping you in our thoughts.


Anonymous said...

Looking good Mike! Thanks for keeping us updated. The VanderEndes

Mike said...

Good to see things are coming along nicely.

Brad said...

Lookin' good Mike!

mark r said...

WONDERFUL to see Mike actually up and walking. It's totally AMAZING what he is doing, considering that a surgeon was holding his arrested heart in his hands only 1 day ago! It probably seems a lot slower to Mike (seems like recovery always seems slow to the one who is going through it), but from here, Mike, you are really lookin' GREAT! And, I've gotta sound like the old geezer that I'm becoming, but it is also just incredible to be able to keep up with this in almost real-time on the Net. Gotta take my hat off to Gore for inventing this thing! To both Mike and Denise: It is really thoughtful of you to share this with the rest of us and let us follow along. Thanks!

scubatripp said...

Kind of dropped the ball on actually responding to comments until Mike reminded me. Thanks to everyone for your well wishes and positive vibes. To Tammy and Mark - yes the flowers from MD arrived, they are beautiful and we really appreciate the thought. Mark R - yes the internet is truly an awesome thing and really, without this blog, we would not be able to keep up with emails and phone calls to update everyone. We hope all of our friends and family continue to visit and enjoy the daily posts!
- Denise & Mike

Anonymous said...

Hey Mike - Scott Campbell here and your looking well. I am still planning a vist this weekend if your up forit but looks like the ship is pulling to late to make the last train north but haven't cancelled my ticket yet and hoping to be early. See you this weekend. Scotto

scubatripp said...

I'm up for visitors Scotty!
I may even be able to make my own post tomorrow!

Thanks everyone!

Jeff said...

Glad to see all is going well.

The Saipan Blogger アンジェロ・ビラゴメズ said...

I'm looking forward to that update. So glad you are doing well.