Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Wyalnd to Paint CHC!

It has been reported here in the Variety that Wyland will be coming to Saipan to paint a one of his famous murals on the walls of CHC. It is unclear if this is a done deal or not as it will take about 60, 000 dollars to get him here.
The effort is being spearheaded by MINA with the help of other island agencies including Marianas Dive which will host an information meeting tonight at 7PM, Chambre Bar in the Fiesta Hotel.
Anyone interested in hearing more about this opportunity to bring additional press to the islands diving as well as something nice to look at for everyone including patients of the hospital are more than welcome to attend. Appetizers will be available and happy hour prices are in effect!


Thanks to the folks at MINA, Chuck Sayon, Kathy Yuknavage and Ron Smith, for coming out and providing everyone with an update as to where this project stands. At the moment MINA is working out the specific dates Wyland may be available and the details of any contract for the mural. Support has been expressed by MVA and some major sponsors such as Seafix, Tan Holdings and one of the paint companies. They will be working on the details of school visits, additional murals, opening and closing ceremonies and ensuring the contents of the wall truly reflect what our waters have. All in all I think this is a great idea and done right it will lead to a lot of good publicity and education for the kids of the CNMI. How about you, what do you think - vote in the latest Saipan SCUBA poll or leave a comment.


Tamara said...

Not that I think this is a bad idea or anything, but the thought did come to mind that with so many talented artists we have on island, why do we need to pay $60,000.00 to bring Wyland here? I bet a number of very talented artists on island would gladly paint a "wylanesque" (is that a word?) mural for less than $60,000.00.

Just a thought..

scubatripp said...

Good point Tamara.

One of the goals expressed by the MINA group last night is the education of the kids and the ability to get kids involved not only with this project but potentially others in the future. A few high school students attended the info session as fans of Wyland but also to see how they can participate. Its been suggested that other murals be painted, perhaps by the schools or as you suggest by our own local artists.

The other thing about the cost that was clarified is that Wyland does not get paid and most of the cost is associated with travel and accommodation for his crew as well as the supplies required including paint. MINA has already started to put together a number of supporters that will come through with in kind donations like Seafix – they’ll provide much of the equipment etc. My understanding is the actual cold hard cash cost is not that much and that this will be raised through sponsorship / donations etc so there is no financial cost to the government or citizens.

Of course I’m sure others like Greg Elliot or Robert Hunter would do us proud with their work unfortunately, at least at this time in their careers, they do not get the same media coverage and following of Wyalnd.

Bruce A. Bateman said...

Thanks for staging the meeting, Mike. Sorry I missed most of it due to the schedule conflict. Even so, I think I got most of the info via the synopsis.

Your point of oversight on subjects chosen to make sure they are really present locally is a good one.

I'll look forward to seeing the contract when one is drafted just to see the details. This seems like a great way to gain some positive international spotlight for a change instead of having Miller et al drag out name through the mud for offences a decade ago.

See you next week.

Tamara said...

Thanks for the response Mike, but I had one more question....Why CHC? If your going to spend that much money and the main purpose is for media coverage and exposure, why paint the mural in one of the places on island that nobody wants to go to? I mean, I personally HATE having to go to CHC..even for emergency reasons. So I most likely won't go there voluntarily...: ) But then again, thats me..Maybe some people like going to CHC :)~

scubatripp said...

I think the idea is it will be painted on the walls of the new dialysis wing so that it is visible from middle road and the intersection going up Navy Hill.

There are also requirements for the location to be have lighting and security which CHC already has. The same goes for access. CHC has a large parking lot that tourists and those wanting to take pictures beside the mural could utilize.

Another factor MINA referred to was the support the project is getting from the Secretary of Public Health.

With the need for access, visibility, light and security as factors do you have any where else in mind that might be better?

Tamara said...

Nah..If we didn't have vandalism and people out there who have no respect for the island, I would think the light house who be the ideal thing to paint...A wyland Light House would be a great attraction...but without the security it would most likely be vandalized and what a shame it would be...