Sunday, April 13, 2008

Beach Road Time Again

Last month I told you about my first Beach Road Magazine cover shoot. I had time to pick up a copy the other day so rather than looking at Jojo the stand in here you go! That's 19 year old Karen Hartman from Saipan. It was a pleasure working with her and I think if she's truly interested in modeling that she could do well.
These are the magazine choices for the inserts.
All in all I think the shots turned out well and she looks great!

As I said in my earlier post it was certainly not a hardship to be out at one of my favorite Saipan Beaches in the afternoon taking photographs of Karen and I look forward to this months shoot! If you've not yet picked up a copy of Beach Road Magazine their office is on Middle Road in the building with Subway - on the top floor above Dial Rent to Own.


Bruce A. Bateman said...

That's pretty tough duty, Mike. Slaving all day at the beach and having to look at Karen, aka Ms Eye Candy.

Kidding aside...congrats on landing the photog gig at Glimpses. You did a nice job.

karen_hart714 said...

Hey Mike its me Karen (your former model) haha.. i really loved how the pictures turned out. I hope that i get a chance to work with u again because it was a pleasure. I wanted to see some of the other pictures. Would you happen to still have them? here's my e-mail
Take care and good luck with your future photographs.


k_oni57 said...

Hey Mike.. Man I like your photo shoots. You sure take them at the right angle. I thought Heather Calderwood (MAY issue) Was the best shoot so far this year. We should have more models like Heather Claderwood~
Good shooting, take care

scubatripp said...

Hi Karen,
I do still have the photos and will get in touch about showing them to you!

That was a pretty sweet day at Obyan and you really did do great!

Thanks k_oni57,
I'm having fun with the shoots! I felt bad for Heather that day. It was a windy afternoon at the last command post where we got the cover shot. It took a while to get the car positioned to take advantage of the natural light and not have the wind blow her hair everywhere! She held up though and like you say I think things turned out pretty well! Beach Road obviously thought so to because I see Heather is featured in the ads they use to recruit models!

Perhaps we will be seeing more of Heather!