Sunday, April 20, 2008

Danica Patrick Wins Indy Car in Japan

A big congratulations goes out to the first woman ever to win an Indy car race or any other professional motor car race other than drag racing for that matter! AP reports it here.
One of the things my brothers and sister did when we were home last month was go through a number of my dads belongings including a rather large box of newspaper and magazine clippings. It seems he liked to keep articles of significant nature such as the front page of newspapers when extraordinary events took place around the world. President Kennedy's assassination, the Berlin Wall coming down etc. He also had newspapers from the day each of us kids were born - not that those were extraordinary days for anyone else but, it's fun to look back and see a snap shot in time. His collection included a number of some sporting events like Ben Johnson's gold medal and yes, the day he lost it!

Whenever I would call home and he was there we would usually touch on some sports topic at some point. Mostly hockey - he'd update me on the Canucks for sure but any sport was game.

I think he would be cutting out this story tomorrow! In fact I'm a little peeved at the only sports network here, namely ESPN. They should have given this much coverage today. Yes, it's the start of NBA playoffs and hockey (the greatest game on earth) is well into it's second season but, this deserves more recognition!
I'm glad she's finally done it and proven all the cynics wrong as well as set an example for women everywhere - Way to go Danica, my hat goes off to you and if I could get a copy of a major newspaper I'd cut out your story and add it to the collection!
I know, I know enough with the pretty girls, it's a SCUBA diving blog so tomorrow I promise a post about dives done over the past few days, including the ones first thing in the morning!


Mike Ronesia said...

Someone must of hacked in and took down the posts you put up about your recent dives! You should call the scuba police and ask for there internet devision.

It's good to see a female compete with the men and even better to see one that doesn't look like a man.

Janet said...

Well done. She's always been a decent driver and IRL is set up evenly enough so that if your team has it's head on straight and can set the car up properly, a good driver will eventually get a win.