Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Fishing at the Grotto Update

As reported in the Variety a few months ago two men where arrested for fishing at the Grotto marine sanctuary. This week the sentence (or plea bargin) was handed down and reported on here in the Tribune.
Superior Court Associate Judge Manglona sentenced Guo to six months in jail, all suspended except for the first nine days, with credit for the nine days he has already served. The judge placed the defendant on six months of unsupervised probation and ordered him to pay a $25 court assessment fee.

According to the paper in accepting the plea the judge said the accused "had pleaded guilty to "a rarely committed offense".
Are you kidding me?! Apparently the judge is not a diver or has not been diving the Grotto lately. A rarely committed offence - every single day concerned divers are pulling monofilament fishing line out of the Grotto.

At least in handing down this increadibly harsh sentence (insert sarcasm here) Judge Manglona said that the Legislature's purpose of creating a sanctuary to gradually and naturally repopulate depopulated areas of the lagoon must be enforced in order to protect the islands' limited and precious resources.

I couldn't agree more but, if this is what's supposed to deter the perpetrators I suspect we'll be pulling out line for many years to come!

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TwoTank said...

See... scuba interests and law overlap all the time:) Thanks so much for the amazing tips on Australia. I wish I were certified and on my way right now! We'd LOVE to keep hearing your voice of experience, so please keep us in the loop!

Hugs and fishes,

P.S. We added your blog to our "love it" list :)