Friday, April 25, 2008

Act Two - Northern Island Marine Monument

The second show at Porky's on Wednesday was Angelo's presentation regarding the largest Marine Sanctuary in the World and how a similar concept is being proposed here for the Northern most islands in the chain.
I'm not going to say much about this here now for a couple of reasons. One I have little time as I'm headed down to our Flame Tree Festival to sell my DVD - 20% off retail all weekend long!
Sorry for the shameless plug, I digress.

Given the fact that both local papers are reporting today that the Senate and the House have both passed resolutions against the proposed marine park I feel I have to say this.

Thanks to all those who came out to hear the facts, to debate the issues and to discuss the concept. I know it is controversial on a number of fronts but, keeping an open mind and becoming informed rather than rejecting the idea all together because a few think it is a bad idea or have their own agendas will do no one any good.

I, for one, am like many of these people. I'm getting to know the facts and hear both sides of the issue from those who care. Once I feel I have the necessary answers to my own questions I'll weigh in on the matter more thoroughly.

To do anything less is just plain irresponsible!

Given the interest and emotions on this topic I would agree with Dive God (see previous post) when he says that any future public forum should be held in a venue without alcohol. I can't guarantee a Canadian Peace Keeper in the room every night!

A discussion by the divers has started here at Marianas Dive.
Other blogs have started giving their two cents. Follow the links from Angelo's post to read most of them. Wow, lots of activity - you may want to start here.

See you at Flame Tree and keep an open mind I'm glad those in Florida did! Please take the time to read the post below it is more relevant than you think!

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