Saturday, September 15, 2007

Out And About

This morning while emailing the passion profit regarding a project we are working on for Marianas Dive I was reminded that, "Canada, was and still is a favored
migration destination for Jamaicans".

Ya I'm well aware! Ben Johnson being one of the more famous!

We're coming up on a dark day in CND history.

I was in a pharmacy school at UBC studying the structures of drug molecules - that morning all prepared lectures were tossed and classes were spent talking about Ben as the professors tried to answer all our questions, drawing structures and going into great detail as to how steroids work. Dr. Frank Abbott who latter would become Dean of the Pharmacy School started it off with his 8:30 Pharmacology class! It was probably the most well attended few days of lectures I can remember and everyone, even us less keen in the back rows, wanted to be there and paid attention.

It was the only thing talked about on campus and Sept 28, 1988 will go down as memorable a time as any despite it being a pretty tough pill to swallow. I could even go into great detail as to the exact place and goings on at the time he actually won the medal a few days earlier and recall how good it feels to have a country come together and how proud you feel to be apart of it- even if it's just sitting your ass on a bar stool!

Isn't it also interesting how Jamaicans want to head for the cold North while Canadians want to flee south (at least in the winter) and often bring up the concept of "adopting" the Turks & Caicos Islands. Hmmmmmm All my pictures of Turks are in Canada!

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