Monday, September 3, 2007

Carnival of the Blue Comes to Saipan

No it's not a cruise ship!

It's an amazing way to connect all those with a passion for our planet and specifically our oceans. According to this months host, Angelo over on the Saipan Blog, Carnival of the Blue is a roundup of a month's worth of the best ocean blogging on the Internet. Each month someone hosts or makes a post containing all the links to stories submitted to the Carnival over the previous month. I still have not gotten through all the links to the stories Angelo has posted but there is some very interesting stuff and I'm honored that my blog has been included in his write up.

The emphasis of this blog is to use video as the medium to showcase and illustrate points about the diving here on Saipan and the Marianas in general. You'll find an opinion or two here and there as well as a few posts on the topside attractions and the photos I've taken along the way but primarily it focuses on our underwater world and the impact we, as divers, may have on the environment. If you have the time to check out some of these videos you'll see that we have some amazing things here and a trip to these islands is well worth the effort!

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