Friday, September 14, 2007

Marianas Dive Lau Lau Clean Up

Marianas Dive and BCNMI will team up this weekend for an extra fun day of cleaning and diving. Throw in a BBQ on the beach and how could you miss it? In case you've been living in one of the many caves on island you know the BCNMI team has been doing weekly clean ups since, well, since ever since! This Sunday we will pitch in and do our part as divers at the ever popular Lau Lau Beach Dive site parking lot. Rain or shine members of Marianas Dive and anyone else wishing to help out will be starting the beach clean up sometime after 8AM. The plan is to get hot and sweaty for a few hours and then hit the water and comb the shallows with mesh bags collecting anything resembling trash or fishing line. Then to decompress between dives Angelo will fire up the coals and cook whatever you bring down to cook up. If it pours rain all morning he may decide to head for dryer pastures and leave us there to do a second dive on an empty stomach!

Come on down and pitch in, meet some fellow divers and keep our dive sites clean for everyone to enjoy and tell their friends about!

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