Sunday, September 2, 2007

Diversity - Land, Sea & Culture

Speaking of branding!

How about playing on the word diversity! I'm a diver (duh) so the diver thing is a no brainier and since diving (including water sports) makes up the biggest part of the economic engine that will get the economy back on track, why not.

Now lets look at following that up with Land, Sea & Culture.

With the island chain stretching as long as it does and with the differences in the composition or make up of each island this is also a no brainier. Images could easily show the diversity of the Land from black to white sand beaches. From Rugged untouched coastlines to the businesses and "city" of Garapan. From Lime stone caves to very long runways and expansive grassy fields... you get the picture. This does not even touch on the diversity of activities available on land here. Golf, trecking, shopping, historical site seeing, museums, go carts (I like go carts) etc.
Diversity of Land

The same can be said for the terrain below the ocean's surface and the life that calls these waters home. The fish and coral species is, well, a no brainier too. I've heard from a scientist type that we actually fall within the "coral" triangle, which includes Indonesia along its bottom arm and the Marianas at the top point. The coral triangle being the area where the largest diversity of species exists in the ocean, not hard to show diversity there! Add in the multitude of activities available on the surface and you've got diversity other islands would salivate over. Besides the usual stuff like snorkeling, fishing, jet skies and banana boat rides we also have windsurfing and kyteboarding (from beginner to advanced conditions) even Triathlons must be added here- they do swim.
Diversity of Sea

The key, however, to the Marianas becoming a truly un-matchable experience to even the seasoned traveler is the diversity of culture one can experience here. Many who live here may not see this or they may not be willing to accept it but IF each of the varied cultures calling these islands home were allowed to flourish we would quickly become the envy of all competing nations within the region.

It is true that when we talk about diversity of culture here we are speaking mainly of Saipan. With the indigenous Chamorro and Carolinian peoples followed by Spanish, German and Japanese rule before the end of WWII when the Americans took over, multiculturalism is already taking hold. Throw in a longstanding guest worker program with folks from the Philippines, China, Bangladesh, and various other Asian nations and you end up with a melting pot of culture. Add tourists with the same diversity of origin; Japan, Korea, Russia, China and it's a, you guessed it, no brainier. Diversity of culture.

When people think culture for vacation. You know like… "Honey where should we go on vacation this year" - "oh I don't know maybe somewhere with some culture". They are usually thinking indigenous culture and here too the Marianas excels. Even if the multitude of nationalities and shear size of the population has "watered down" the Chamorro and Carolinian Cultures on Saipan they are still very much present and in the forefront on Tinian and Rota. So we have the best of both worlds to offer especially to those who stay a little longer to experience the whole package.

As mentioned this diversity must be allowed to flourish before it becomes an unbeatable asset. From a multitude of authentic restaurants offering a sample of the worlds cuisines to various festivals that feature each unique aspect of the individual culture - tourist will eat it up. Done without conflict and prosperity will follow since stability and respect will drive consumers to the land of happy friendly people, all people! You can't get that in very many places around the world and unlike Mother Nature it is in our hands to control. We've been blessed with beautiful white sand beaches, green tropical jungle and warm sunshine but these alone will not make our islands stand out- the people will!
Diversity of Culture

Diversity- Land, Sea, & Culture

Lets all just get along - you heard it here first.

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