Sunday, February 3, 2008

Tinian Ferry!

I took my Mom over to Tinian for a couple of days this weekend and will post more than this in a few days but, what is up with the Tinian Ferry! Every time I get on it I think how much better the ride over there would be if we could just see out the windows!That's not water splashing on the windows. It's permanent remnants of the destruction caused by constant salt water without any fresh water rinse. The result - this is the best view you can get for the hour ride over crystal clear, turquoise water! Unless you stand and look out the rear porthole!
Of course when you get off the boat and make your way over to Taga beach you can clearly see just how beautiful the water is! Just imagine the extra PR that would come from people snapping photos of the islands coast line on the way there and back.
I mean this is how clear the water is. The shot below is taken while standing at the lookout in the picture above! You don't even need to SCUBA or snorkel it's so clear.
Of course a future post will discuss exactly why you would want to take the time to dive the sites around Tinian but that I'll leave for another day.

My point today is for the Tinian Ferry people to invest in replacing the windows on their boat. It will help with PR as well as relieve that sea sickness feeling for those who don't like being on a boat where they cannot even see the horizon!

For more pictures of Tinian and the Tinain Fiesta from a previous trip click here


Rose said...

Good grief, that is ridiculous you can't see out the windows, due to poor maintenance! I KNOW the tourists would be snapping photos all along the way, they do that like crazy just on the shuttles to Managaha. Especially if you have an adorable blonde kid! ;) Have yet to take the ferry, but now I have no desire to.

Tamara said...

I felt the exact same way on my last trip to Tinian. I brought my camera to take some shots but I couldn't see a thing. I was so dissapointed.

scubatripp said...

Yep seems to me it wouldn't be that expensive a capital improvement project! Especially since they seem to have a bit of money around to build another casino!

Ideally an open deck. Taking the Ferry back home in vancouver in the summer is amazing. Even see Orcas on occasion.

Just think of the footage people would take home as the ferry passes a pod of dolphins.