Monday, February 4, 2008

Super Bowl Sunday (Monday) on Saipan

There's the 2nd turnover - is that it, is that the game!
Wait no it's not a turnover! and the game continues....
Quarterback Tom Brady down in the second quarter. 7-3 New England .The Super Bowl on Saipan is a different experience than most. This year I decided to head up to Marianas Dive Members Mark & Tammy James's place in the hills on the South Eastern side of Saipan.
No cable at the pool but not a bad set up while most people in the US mainland are partying hard they'll also be off to bed soon enough. While here the day will have just begun so some get their nap in now.... It's 10AM Monday morning!Of course there area few negatives like the local TV station has to pull in the signal from the Armed Forces network so the reception is often questionable. In addition we don't get all the new Super Bowl commercials. For some reason they are not allowed to play them for us.
There will be other photos from Super Bowl Parties on Saipan popping up on the blogs I'm sure. The party at Godfathers is one people should hit at some point if you spend multiple years on the island. I like to watch the game so a small gathering with a great view and some diving talk over the blank air spots suits me just fine!

In fact the island pretty much shuts down. It was always one of the slowest mornings at the PHI pharmacy.


Anonymous said...

No comments on the big, dead Napoleans on your site? Surprised.

scubatripp said...


Not yet but it's in the works. I'm trying to get as many facts as possible before making a post.

I have comented on the Marianas Dive forum. It's in the local section so you must be a registered user and live on Saipan to view it.

I want to write a complete post on this subject because it is too important not to!

Check back soon.


Neutral Dive Gear said...

"No cable at the pool but not a bad set up..."

Haha!! No kidding!! What a game, but WHAT A VIEW!!!