Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Tinian Fiesta

This past weekend I hitched a ride on the safety boat as members of the Saipan Outrigger Canoe Club (SOCC) and a team from Guam paddled their way across the channel to Tinian in time for the great Fiesta feast.

An early morning start.

Calm waters and beautiful scenery.

About 4 hours start to finish for the team from Guam.

The Fiesta is a 4 day celebration of the islands patron saint. Saturday included a parade, crowning of the king and queen, and a huge feast (free to all) as well as a full line up of entertainment.

I met all the cooks and got to taste their works before anyone else!

Above is the line up for the feast! Below is the award winning Tinian Cultural Dancers!

Thankfully I was able to pitch my hammock in the dark and awoke to this view. Not a bad place to start the next day!


Skazius said...

Beautiful pictures...

Joey said...

Beautiful pictures Mike!! You coulda kicked it at my house though. Well...maybe next time huh?
Hey, what you think of a Saipan to Tinian outrigger canoe race?
Think there could be some interest in it? Possibly someone setting the initial record or something?
I wonder if teams from Guam, Hawaii, etc.. would be willing to go up against teams from Saipan? Could make for a great event, don't you think?