Friday, February 15, 2008

Marianas Dive & Tinian Hot Peppers

As reported in the Tribune today...

Against the backdrop of Tinian’s annual pepper festival, members of local dive group Marianas Dive will conduct a series of events designed to increase Tinian’s appeal to divers while creating a foundation of new divers with a greater understanding of what lies beneath some of the most inviting water in the world!

On Saturday and Sunday morning, Feb. 16-17, group members will make exploratory dives with Tinian Fun Diving, a local dive operation. Owner Mr. Shine states that the area around Tinian's southwestern tip is “untouched and full of possible dive sites,” including relics from World War II.

As described by Marians Dive president Mike Tripp, “the ultimate goal is to put Tinian on the diving map with multiple dive sites that are short, easy boat rides from the harbor. This will help make Tinian a destination where divers spend a few days or more, taking in all the sites the island has to offer both above and below the surface.”

In addition to these morning dives, Marianas Dive will lead an underwater cleanup of Taga Beach on Saturday at 4pm. This will be the group’s fifth cleanup of this kind and the first on Tinian.

“We're excited to do one of our 'treasure hunts' at Taga beach. The water is so clear I can't wait to jump in,” said member Mark James. Tanks and mesh bags will be provided. All certified divers wishing to participate are encouraged to do so.

The final dive event of the weekend will take place at the Tinian Dynasty Hotel pool from 2pm to 4pm on Sunday afternoon. Marianas Dive instructors will offer free Discover SCUBA lessons to interested individuals over the age of 12. Discover SCUBA participants will have the opportunity to try diving in a controlled environment, including using full SCUBA gear and breathing underwater. An adult must accompany participants under the age of 18.

Discover Scuba signup forms and additional information about these and other events will be available from members at the Marians Dive booth on the festival grounds during festival hours. Those interested in hearing a dive tale or two as well as learning more about the group's goals and objectives are encouraged to stop by and jump in!

“We are really excited about this weekend. Not only do we get to experience the best of Tinian hospitality with the pepper festival but we also get to make a positive contribution to Tinian's tourism industry. Of course it would not be possible without the help from those making it all happen including Debra Fleming of the Fleming Hotel, Kiri Jackson from the Dynasty and local boat captain John Barcinas as well as the staff at the mayors office,” said Tripp.

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Bruce A. Bateman said...

Wish I was there with you all.

Have fun.