Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Obama Live on CNN

I've got a very busy morning before heading back to Saipan tomorrow but I made the mistake (or perhaps not) of turning on CNN as I was finishing a list and preparing to leave the house. Obama had started his speech in Iowa. Part way through, even though I know time is tight, I started to listen. Primarily because I wasn't hearing all the pundits nor was I hearing the same stump speech headlines or all the same deliveries. I was drawn in, bottom line, he makes sense and clearly communicates his ideas and looks to be someone people could be proud of having as the leader of their government.

Do I believe everything he says? No. Will everything he says happen? No. But nor have I ever believed everything any politician looking to get elected has ever said. If I was an undecided American voter I don't think I would believe much of what either of them say!

He's still on and it's probably almost over now. All I can say as he finishes up is that if this man is not elected President of the United States there is something seriously wrong. Seriously!

Time is tight, excitement runs high, only one more sleep and a whole lot of napping (hopefully) on the plane - gotta go!


Primo said...

See you at Rotary next week.

Lil' Hammerhead said...

Doesn't the fact that the election is this close signal that something is very wrong? I mean you have Sarah Palin on a ticket that is not as far behind as they should be. It's a sad state of affairs.