Thursday, July 19, 2007

Triton Update

An Update on the Triton Trumpet story. Bree has now removed her original post (as did Harry) comments and all so the links in the story below make no sense. Fortunately the information about the ecology of the Triton and hermit crab relationship has been posted on the BCNMI website. This time I’ve bookmarked the references just in case someone decides to pull that post too! And just for clarification (for anyone jumping into this part way through - Bruce) the post on BCNMI is quite different than the original so if you're reading it wondering why Harry was upset - well, it won't make sense. It does bring up a blogger ethical question as Angelo suggested in a comment to Harry when this all started.

(Note, in no way shape or form has Angelo given me permission to use his comment here)

"Harry, your blog is one of the best on the island. It would be a shame if you stopped posting your pictures and stories of diving.
Your so called controversial post got a lot of people talking about blogging ethics, diving, and so on.
I think those are good conversations to have.
I wouldn't delete that post; Leave it up. Write about your reactions to that post.
That makes for a good read.
On a side note, although you claim that you no longer want to blog, a few of us noticed that you've still managed to write four posts today.
Keep up the good work."

Ultimately having the conversation about this (diver & blogger ethics) will help educate a lot of people and if the only thing that comes of it is a proper road and drainage system for Lau Lau bay then.... - What?

That's right, somewhere in all the comments someone (I can't remember were I saw it) said a couple of crabs loosing their homes has far less impact than the raging river of water I walked through coming up the beach from a dive a few days ago. Educating more folks about the underwater world and the ramifications of our actions on land is always a good thing even if it's little steps at a time!

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