Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Flame Trees

I have a bit of catching up to do!
The last couple of weeks have been busy with capturing flame trees in bloom and diving, diving, diving! The last few days of rain and wind have been a nice break from being out in the hot sun and it's also given me a chance to review some footage. The bad news is flame tree season will be that much closer to being over after this storm passes. Before it hit I spent a few days on Tinian where, among other things, I found more opportunities for flame tree shots without power lines!

A few people like Harry and Ruth have already written about the amazing spectacle that is flame tree season here in the CNMI and I second their thoughts. That way I can just get to posting some pictures! These ones from Saipan.


Harry Blalock said...

Very nice Mike, you captured the beauty of them very well.

Deece said...

There's a flame tree by the Bonita Villa on Capital Hill that when you view it from a certain place looks like the brances form a curved staircase. It's great! I named it Stairway to Heaven.