Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Beach Road Magazine May Edition

Last night at the underwater archeology presentation Susan passed me a few copies of this months Beach Road Magazine! This is the second month I've shot the cover model. For a look at last months edition check out the photos of Karen Hartman here.

This months cover girl is 18 year old Heather Calderwood of Navy Hill.
Being only the second month I've done this for Beach Road I've been giving them all of the photos taken during the shoot and then letting them pick what they want to use. At the same time, after each shoot, I pick 7 to 10 of my favorite shots and wait to see if any of them match the editors picks. Last month we chose many of the same, this month not a single one were identical!

So rather than post the shots in the magazine like I did last month, here's a few that I thought were her best shots. You'll have to pick up a copy of the magazine and do your own comparison!
The cover shot was taken at the last command post using a Lexus convertible in preparation for the big car rally Beach Road will be having this month. The rest of the shots were taken at Pau Pau beach. Again, despite the wind, and intermittent sunny periods there are worse ways for me to spend the afternoon. Thanks for your patience Heather and good luck with your future goals!


Anonymous said...

Daaaaaaaaaaaamn Girl. Is that really you? We used to go way back during the WWII 60th Anniversary Film Crew. Lookin good baby. Keep it up.

xoxox Fitial

Anonymous said...

Woohoo...!! You still look great as ever Heather can't imagine what Saipan would be like without ya. And yea what that dude or missy said KEEep it up (>_<)b