Monday, March 3, 2008

One Week eh! - Panic Setting In

Less than a week from now I'll be on a plane headed back to Canada for a family reunion!
I'd love to be able to say it will look like this but, the chances of me being able to wear shorts at sea level in March is pretty slim! The chance of me fitting into that shirt - even slimmer! I'll fight it for a while but ultimately I'll freeze my ass off in shorts and I guess this time there's the whole "set a good example" for the kid concept.

Monday morning is always a little crazy but, when I look at what's on the slate for the week and what needs to be done to get ready to go the thought of a big jump from the rock above enters ones psyche. I promise a report on my MVA meets the House day! I see in the tribune today they stand to receive some 7 plus million this year!

No doubt I'll need to find time for a giant stride entry one day before I go, just to preserve my sanity!

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