Friday, April 24, 2009

To Blog or Not To Blog

That has been one of the many thoughts running through my head on a regular basis. It's been a long break for this blog writer (at least when it comes to writing this blog). That's not to say there's nothing to write about. Quite the contrary. In fact life has been so jammed packed with stuff since I returned to Saipan from LA and my open-heart surgery ordeal that something ultimately had to give. I decided it would to be the blog since time taken to write about everything was taking precious moments away from the most important things in my life – my kids!

I remember a few months ago, when asked by someone about not writing on my blog. I responded with “I’m too busy just living my life and don’t really have the time (or desire) to spend additional hours telling everyone else about it!” Each day there is a “Blog Moment”. “That’s a blog post, where’s my camera, my note pad, my computer” I think most bloggers go through this, especially those who take it seriously and know the importance of posting on a regular basis. It’s like an addiction. I decided I needed to go cold turkey and take a break.

I also know that writing in general can be quite therapeutic and that during my surgical recovery this blog proved to be a very effective way of communicating with friends and family as well as tell a pretty cool story. It’s cool now only because I lived through it and have been given a clean bill of health with a renewed perspective on life and the importance of living everyday knowing it could be your last.

I also have come to realize the power of this blog. To reach out, to educate, and to network with people looking for the things that I do. This blog, directly and indirectly, has lead to many opportunities, many that may not have come knocking if it were not for the time spent contributing to it.

As with everything else in life, I think it comes down to balance. Too much of a good thing is usually not so good in the long run. Then again not doing something at all seems not only a waste but also rarely does doing so lead to good things. So, with that said, I have decided this blog will be back. It is unlikely that I will post in depth thoughts and stories everyday but rather I will mix in some very short takes and photos / video from around the islands to keep people interested in coming back and reading more. There will be some changes to the layout in the coming weeks and I hope anyone who is still following will be patient. (If you’re still following then you’ve certainly demonstrated this or you’re related to me!)

As today is Earth day I thought I’d start with the “much awaited” short clip of a Humpback Whale as captured less than a mile off the reef in front of the Palms Resort, Saipan.

Hope to see you back again tomorrow, the official start of the 28th Annual Flame Tree Festival!


Anonymous said...

Good to see they are still around this area. Sure was moving fast... looked like a whale on a mission! Was it moving in a northerly or southerly direction?

scubatripp said...

Headed South towards Managaha!

Trish said...

Yippy!!!! You're back...we missed hearing from you. I can totally related to your feelings of "to blog or not to blog"...I wonder when we'll taper our blog posts about precious Rudy. It is therapuetic for sure. The gang back at UCLA says "Hi". Blessings to you and your family, Trish

Messi said...

I appreciate the labour you have put in developing this blog. Nice and informative.