Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Monday Night Football LIVE

This one’s just a little dig for all those back on Saipan. I’m sitting here watching Monday Night Football live at 5PM. No poor reception or risk of a power outage as Green Bay battles a divisional rival in the Vikings. Approaching the end of the first half it’s still close which helps make the first Packer game without Brett Favre that much more interesting. I’ve never had a steadfast favorite NFL team over the years. Being from British Columbia just north of Seattle I’ve always cheered on the Seahawks. Back in the days of Dan Fouts I was a Charger fan and I must admit last year I was pulling for history and Mr. Brady’s Patriots.

I can safely say however I’ve never been a Green Bay Packer fan. Although there is no question that Favre is an extraordinary player his on again, off again retirements and general untouchable attitude has done nothing to attract me to his teams success. So with that said I’m wondering just how many other folks out there find themselves routing for the Packers and Aaron Rogers this year. I like an underdog and hope he can make all those cheese heads quickly forget about the other guy. It seems Rogers has handled himself with a lot of class despite all the media hoopla! Go Packers!


David Tripp said...

Uhm, excuse me but there's only one team that's going all the way. There's only one team to cheer for. We bleed Green baby -GREEN. E.A.G.L.E.S Eagles!! Go Donovan McNabb and Brian Westbrook! SiL Sue

Steve Tripp said...

The Packers Suck and The Eagles Blow.

Bears Rule.

All other NFL teams are just Bear wannabes.

Mike said...

My family are pretty big Packer-backers.

My dad and me, not so much.