Thursday, August 21, 2008

What a difference a few days makes - Go Canada

On the very day I wrote the previous post about the Canadian athletes being shutout of any medals at the Beijing Olympics we broke through with 3, one of each color!
Since then we’ve been moving up the charts thanks to a number of different disciplines. As of today the Canadian medal count stands at 13 putting us in 13th place if you consider the overall medal count and 19th if you take the number of gold’s. That’s not a bad 4 days and the best part about it is I was able to watch it all on Canadian TV! There’s been some fun ones to watch, like Simon Whitfield’s silver in the triathlon. The men’s eight team taking gold in rowing once again shows we have a pretty good program in that discipline. And finally long time Olympian Ian Miller gets to stand on the podium with a silver medal in the equestrian events!
According to this article there looks to be a few more good opportunities for medals in the last 4 days of competition so the chances of surpassing previous years totals looks pretty good. Go Canada!


KAP said...

Yeah, I watched your 'ship' come in.

Why doesn't the horse get to stand on the podium in equestrian events?

scubatripp said...

Probably because they'd eat all those pretty flowers one gets with the medal.