Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Carson William

At 6:45 AM life got that much more interesting today.
It's daddy time again! This time to one Carson William Tripp, 6lbs, 15oz!

Mom, baby, big sister and Dad are all doing great!

More later - but have you ever wondered what it's like to have a baby at the Commonwealth Health Center? As with most things on Saipan there's the good and the not so good!
A memory and perhaps a story or two in there for sure!

Day one of open water!


bigsoxfan said...

Congrats on your newest dive partner. Cute little nipper.

Jeff said...

Comgratulations. I've only got three months before I join you.

scubatripp said...

Thanks guys.

Jeff, CHC delivery is a memory you'll have forever. We've done it twice now with no real problems but two very different experiences for sure!

Jeff said...

I want to discuss this story with you next time over a drink so I know what I'm in for.

CNMI Blogger said...


CONGRATULATIONS! What a gorgeous little guy!

Tamara said...